DFI Student Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I believe it was well worth the time I spent with you last Sunday.   It was the first course I had ever had regarding firearms and went into it not knowing what to expect.   There was a lot of information presented with every opportunity to ask questions, which I appreciated.

Safety was my primary concern and I felt that the topic was addressed thoroughly.  I found many of the suggestions regarding my personal safety and that of my family very useful, and will implement them as soon as possible.

The best part of the day for me was when I was able to get outside to shoot my handgun and the other handguns you had provided.  I felt much more comfortable handling my new handgun when we were through, and can't wait to get the chance to practice.

Overall, I felt very comfortable and at ease as soon as I arrived, and would recommend the course to anyone with a handgun.  My husband will be taking the course soon and I hope he gets as much out of it as I did.  Thank you again for an informative learning experience.



I can't thank you enough for the outstanding firearms class.  You turned a person that has never handled a firearm before into a confident pistol handler!  I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting you and the great fortune to learn from a knowledgeable professional.  Because of your unique and committed way of teaching you have inspired me to continue to make weapons training part of my everyday life.  I can't wait to purchase my next pistol...You will definitely see me for continued instruction as well as my family.  I will have no problem in referring you to anyone I meet that is interested in learning weapons management correctly.  Thank you again so much for your knowledge, instruction and hospitality.  I will be seeing you soon!!
K.  RN, BSN, EMT-Paramedic



Thank you so much for a wonderful day of learning, and for the hospitality you provided. I cannot find adequate words to express my gratitude for the knowledge and confidence I now have as a result of spending the day with you. You succeeded in opening my eyes on so many levels, and I'm still trying to digest all the information you so graciously and professionally provided. There is no doubt in my mind that I could not have found a more qualified, or passionate firearms instructor anywhere in this country.

Your teaching style held my interest and attention throughout the day. Your ability to drive home the points you wished to make regarding firearms and self defense were riveting, and the logic, statistics, and scenarios you presented for their use were beyond question. I now feel empowered with both the knowledge and ability to take control of my own personal safety, and it is a comforting feeling, indeed.

Your assistance and guidance in helping me determine the proper gun for my needs, and instilling within me the necessary confidence in my ability to use it properly, appropriately, and safely, cannot be overstated. 

Your First Steps+ Defensive Handgun course should be required for everyone who owns, or is about to purchase a firearm, and I will sincerely recommend it to everyone I know.  I will be taking you up on your kind offer to stop by with my new gun when it comes in so you can check me out on it.

Thank you again. It was an amazing experience.

God bless,



Cheryl raved about the course.  She had a great day.  I'll print your email and she'll be back in touch with you.  Do you give courses throughout the winter?  I'd like to train with you.  The only Saturday I have available is in December.  If not, I'll see you in the spring.


Hi Bob,

Thanks for a great class today. It was truly a pleasure to make your
acquaintance. We are very grateful for your generosity of knowledge,
spirit, and patience in helping us start on the path to safe/proficient
firearms use. The resources and training you gave us will be of great use.

I look forward to being in touch for more advanced training in the future
after we hone these skills we picked up today.

Best to you and your wife,

D & G


It was also a pleasure to meet you and I did enjoy the day very much. The course was pretty much what I expected; largely due to the fact that you were very thorough in our communication as to what to expect. That's a GOOD thing!!

What I did find different than what I expected, was a much more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Being welcomed into your home as though I were a friend you've known, was a pleasant surprise. You made me feel relaxed and comfortable, that I didn't feel at all nervous about asking questions or speaking about anything.
I learned the differences between revolvers and semi-auto handguns, between single action and double action handguns and some good info on different size caliber handguns. A very important thing I learned were the various types of misfires that can happen and how to correct them. This was one of my major concerns, and you taught me well enough that now I feel comfortable that I can handle those issues safely. This area of concern was one of the major reasons for taking the class.
The books and CD I am sure will add valuable info. I definitely feel as though I received  my money's worth. I thank you for that. I am sorry that you did not shoot my pistol. I thought about offering you the opportunity a couple of times, but thought I would be thinking my pistol was something special. I am very happy with it and feel it is a very nice pistol and I was impressed with the minimal kick that it had.

As I said when I was at your house, 
I am anxious to get out and do some
 more shooting with it. I do feel 
comfortable with it now. So, I thank 
you for all that you taught me.
I am attaching a pic of the deer 
I told you I saw in front of your house 
in the morning when I first drove by. 
A nice little buck and four doe. 
I didn't get enough time to really get
 a good shot, but it’s not too bad.

Thanks again, you may be hearing from me in the future, 



Dear Bob,
N and I would like to thank you for a truly great day.  The information we received from you was invaluable. We came there with little to no knowledge of personal safety or use of our weapon and left feeling truly confident in both handling our pistols in a safe and responsible way along with the knowledge that we can and will be able to stop someone from harming us if need be.
The range training was awesome.  We had done some target shooting on our own and were lucky to hit the target at all.  With your instruction however, we quickly learned the proper way to handle the firearms, use the sights correctly and were able to place our shots in areas that would definitely stop the attacker.  It was truly a great feeling!
Lastly I would like to say that your class was so interesting that the day flew by.  It was immediately apparent that you have a vast amount of knowledge about firearms and survival techniques and are happy and eager to share it with others.
Once again, thank you for an awesome day.  You were very hospitable and we felt comfortable in your home.  We feel that we have found a great new friend.
L & N



I have to tell you the pleasure was mine, and the course was what I expected and then some! 

I came home and had dinner with my husband and couldn’t stop talking about you, the training, and what I learned…. I was so excited about my new found confidence (not arrogance) in my ability to safely handle my .38 for protection as well as other defense tools you taught me about that I couldn’t go to sleep until after midnight and I had to get up at 4:30 AM and work my part-time job in mental health nursing.

 I think the adrenaline is still going as I continue to process what I learned and take pride in my new found skills.

As far as the basic pistol course review I was going to email you to ask if the NRA has an evaluation page for their instructors listed anywhere on the web because I was so pleased with my training and feel you deserve the respect and praise that a good “teacher” should receive…. you are an amazing teacher… full of knowledge and experience and willing to share with others in a comfortable, respectful and interesting manner! From the moment I arrived I felt I was in a comfortable environment which for me is essential to be able to relax and focus my thoughts on learning what is being taught. You were considerate, which made me feel respected and your coffee and hospitality were delightful.

 I told my husband I appreciated how you reviewed the course material while integrating real life events and utilized your own “tools” to teach me about the multiple choices in protective equipment and allowed me the opportunity to utilize these in comparison to my own choice in protection (my husband is worried not because I want to buy more).  I absolutely appreciate the education related to what to do in a situation if I ever need to utilize my weapon and the appropriate response to law enforcement to protect my rights in defending myself (the little card is a wonderful gift) I was delighted in you sharing what additional “tools” I may want to have with me at all times and educated my husband about them.

One of the tools you utilized and I respected was that of the “commands” on the range PRIOR to even setting foot out there. I was reassured that you had both our safety in mind during my training and I must tell you the one thing you would say that I continue to smile about when I “hear” you saying it even today… when I was ready to start shooting you would give the okay and say “at your pleasure”.  By this time I was feeling that confidence you told me I would, I was enjoying the target practice and it was just such a polite way for you to say it’s okay to have some fun doing this “serious” training.

These may sound like small things, however when put together in a full day of training those things added up and made for one pleasant day of “class” and practice! These are just a few of the “emotional” support things I appreciated and the information I learned is too much to report in one email. 

I can assure you that you did a wonderful job training me in the basics of handguns and I will practice both in the mirror with snap caps and either on my in laws farm or at a shooting range as I continue to grow in my knowledge of our second amendment rights and increase my knowledge in weapons, ammunition, and appropriate use remembering my foundation with you at Dynamic Force Institute….Awareness, Avoidance, Preparedness, and Response!!! 

Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge and your time with me. I wouldn’t change a thing in your training! 



My mother and I enjoyed the course very much.  In fact, it far exceeded our expectations.  The information was presented in a clear, concise way.  I very much appreciated that you offered your own insight on the topics we were covering, rather than just reading off of the powerpoint slides.  You kept our attention throughout the entire presentation, which is not always easy to do (especially with my mother). 
F was surprised to hear about how my mother absolutely enjoyed the entire day.  He was actually skeptical about purchasing a firearms safely course gift certificate for her because she never really cared for firearms.  However, after taking the course she was very excited about telling him what she had learned.  She even mentioned to him about how good the coffee was!
I had no issues with the DVD and I found it helpful as well.  I can honestly say that I do not have one negative comment or any form of constructive criticism to offer.  I really did find the entire course to be well-structured, insightful, easy to comprehend, and fun. 
Thank you very much.  It was a pleasure meeting you.  If I have any questions in the future, I will not hesitate to contact you.



Thank you SO much for everything!  The class had more information than I thought it would!!!!!  There is so much to remember and I'm sure I'll get more comfortable the more I practice!  There is NOTHING that you missed and you are truly informative and a pleasure to be with!!!!!  I couldn't have asked for more!!!  I would recommend your course to ANYONE, new shooters and old ones (You are quite capable of breaking bad habits for them)!  Hopefully I'll see you again soon!

You should post flyers at the gun shops!!!!!

Have a LOVELY day and thanks again!



Hi Bob,
Thank you for the advice about Firefox.  I am using it now and it seems to be working well.  I had a chance to check out your web page and found it very informative.   I actually spent some time going over the material you present there and I will spend some more time with it.
We both have had a chance to reflect on your First Steps+ class.  As you observed, I've developed some bad habits with my handguns that I need to correct (bad habits that got their start when I was 10 and shooting Indians with cap guns).  
My original interest in having a permit and having the handguns was in the first place more as an assertion of my 2nd Amendment rights and secondly to have the guns "just in case."  In reality, I have rarely ever carried a concealed handgun.  Most of my guns have spent the last 20 years locked in a safe.  I dusted off the S&W.38 and kept that more handy in the house after the infamous case in Dryden NY in which the Harris family of 4 were brutally murdered in a home invasion.  I think the perp's name was  (Michael?) Kinge. And you can probably look up the horrific event on the internet.  All that is wrong with our judicial system and law enforcement was brought out in that case.  That happened just a few miles from my home at that time, and it left an indelible impression -- the need for preparedness and the responsibility we all have to protect and defend our homes and families, if we are physically able to do so. 
My point is that I needed the instruction as much as M did and benefited just as much as she did.
Actually, she benefited more than me.  It has been only since we started physically handling the guns as I began to introduce her to them that she indicated her fear of being in the house alone.  It seems strange that I wouldn't have known that.  But it took the guns to bring this out in the open.  She is home alone when I am out working, and when I am out working, I'm at least 40 minutes away in Ithaca.  She is used to being in a house that is ironed up with fencing, window bars, and concrete walls.  One of her first observations about the US was the unprotected houses.  No gates, no fences, no bars, no wire mesh on porches.  We open our windows and many people never even lock their doors (my mother still does this).  You can imagine her feeling of insecurity at being home alone AND hearing on the news of home invasions, robberies, drug dealers arrested in our own neighborhood, etc. -- crimes pretty much just as bad as in Jakarta.  
Well, yesterday after we got back from the Sportsmen's Club where we went to try out the Kel -tec 9mm, where she had a chance to shoot that gun as well as some others including my .38 Special, I asked her how she felt about the guns.  She said she was afraid of them.   I said that's good.  What do you fear more, the bad guys or the guns?  She said the bad guys.  I said, how does it make you feel to know that you can walk over there, pick up that .38, and stop an attacker with it?  You can load it, reload it, handle it, and fire it safely.   She said it makes me feel very good and she was smiling when she said it, too.  I think the best gift a husband can give his wife is a handgun and the knowledge of its safe use. 
Well, this is what I think of when you ask me to write a review of your class.  I look at what's on the bottom line.  And for me, anything I can do to improve my wife's experience and outlook is the main game.  On the other hand, as her confidence with the guns improves and she gets her own personal gun (which is very very important) and it becomes second nature for her to use it, then I know her confidence will be comforting for me too.  After all, it doesn't give me a very good feeling to know that my wife is home alone and afraid. 
As for the program, I can't see any way to improve it.  You have the best of all worlds -- a fabulous home where you teach it and then a few steps away is your own private shooting range.  Actually, all of that isn't as important as your knowledge.  It is very evident that you have learned your stuff and are frank in your discussions.  Everything that's been said in your reviews is reiterated here. 
There were a few points that seem to stand out. 
1.  Your drawing attention to the focus of the eyes in sighting a handgun.  I was not aware of the distinction between sight picture and sight alignment and the importance of peripheral vision in sighting.
2.  Proper grip method is not easy for me, although M has it down pat.  She so impressed the guys at the Sportsmen's Club that they were still talking about it when I stopped into the gun shop today.
3.  Your insistence on using double action to fire the gun.  I always assumed you were supposed to cock the hammer first.  Rarely have I ever fired my revolvers this way.  But your rationale is dead on.  With the hammer cocked, the gun becomes an accident waiting to happen, especially for a person whose fingers are barely strong enough to draw the hammer back, and perhaps even less able to relax the hammer slowly and under control.  The guys at the club tried to get M to cock the hammer first, which is OK if you are just target shooting.  Probably it's preferable to cock the hammer first if you are really shooting for accuracy under normal calm circumstances, but under pressure, your advice to use double action is the best advice.
4.  Your rules for handling misfires.  Here again, this is a subject that never crossed my mind.  I've never had a misfire, but what a disaster it could be if one does not know what to do.   
5.  If the only subject you talked about had been the rationale of shooting someone in self-defense, that alone would have been worth the time and cost of the course.  This is one piece of knowledge that needs to be drilled into the minds of every gun owner.  Without this knowledge, a person who has just used their gun for self-defense, is in serious trouble.  For that matter, you need to know this whether you use a gun or a ball bat. 
M and I are going to do some more shooting at the range.  We will try to become more comfortable with the lifestyle of concealed carry.  This is new to both of us and we have a lot to learn about it.  In the future, I would like to come back to your school for another class.  In the meantime, I want to thank you for the opportunity to glean from your experience and knowledge.  I'll keep in touch and you please do the same.  If you are up this way, please give us a shout.  I would like the opportunity to continue our discussions.
I have removed their names to protect their privacy, but these are actual emails from recent Students following their training. I thank them one and all for their kind words, and feel privileged to now call them friends.
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