All Students are invited, and welcome to take a refresher course, and repeat any course they’ve previously participated in.  The cost is only $35.00.  Should you wish to retake a course, just call 
us and we’ll provide you with the dates that are scheduled for the course you wish to participate 
in, and whether or not a seat in that class is available. Refresher courses include all classroom and lecture sections of the course. Live fire range time is not included.

• One on One refresher/live fire training...

All Students may contact us in order to schedule either classroom, or range time for specific retraining, or supervised live fire practice by appointment on an hourly basis. This is an excellent way to sharpen, or reinforce previously acquired skills, or learn new skills that will increase your capabilities and knowledge. As you know, repetition is the key to success when training your subconscious to react instinctively.

Please contact us for information on local shooting sports that can, and will, increase your competence levels, and provide the practice that is so essential in maintaining those acquired skills.-_Supervised_Range_Time.htmlshapeimage_16_link_0

Doing it again, and reinforcing

what you’ve learned.

DFI Refresher Courses
Supervised Range TimeDFI_Supervised_Range_Time.htmlshapeimage_25_link_0
Supervised Range TimeDFI_Supervised_Range_Time.htmlshapeimage_26_link_0
DFI Refresher Courses
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© 2012 | Dynamic Force Institute, LLC | All Rights Reserved
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