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Refuse To Be A Victim®
This is Not a Firearm Related Seminar
An award winning,  nationally recognized Crime Prevention And Personal Safety Program from The National Rifle Association Of America. Designed to provide children, teens, and men and women of all ages with information that assists in the development of their own personal safety strategies. This is Not a firearm related seminar.

This seminar speaks to the psychology of criminal behavior; being prepared; crime statistics, and how not to become one; home security;  doors, locks, windows, lighting, landscaping; alarms, dogs; a defense plan and safe room; communications; physical security; computer security; automobile security, travel security, and much, much more. 

We provide this valuable information to groups, organizations, companies, churches, colleges, and others as a public service. Cost per Student varies depending upon a number of factors. Please contact us for more information, and to arrange a seminar for your group, or organization. 

Refuse To Be A Victim® is a four hour interactive seminar taught by Certified Instructors. Each attendee will receive a complete and comprehensive student packet, a key leash/lanyard, a keyring flashlight, a whistle and the Refuse To Be A Victim® handbook.