Imagine having your own hospital. Not just any hospital either. After all, the mortality rate generally drops when hospitals go on strike.(1,2,3,4) Death due to toxic drugs, unnecessary treatment, rampant ignorance and a sea of antibiotic-resistant bacteria make most hospitals the Devil's own playground. 

No, I'm talking about a hospital that makes people well again. Now, imagine that your new hospital is essentially cost free, works anywhere and is the size of a transistor radio, neatly fitting in your shirt pocket. Impossible? Not at all. The only thing unbelievable about it is that every American doesn't already have one.

The "hospital" I am talking about is a Colloidal Silver generator.

Silver is a powerful, natural prophylactic/antibiotic, used for thousands of years. Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans lined their eating and drinking vessels with silver, as did many other cultures throughout the world.(5)

Silver was used for thousands of years as a topical and internal treatment for hundreds of injuries and ailments. With the advent of patented antibiotics, the drug companies sought to destroy the knowledge base and reputation of silver as a healing tool, and have pretty much succeeded. But, even they, had to eventually relent and turn to the miracle metal for effective burn care treatments, since they couldn’t “invent”  and patent anything that worked better.

Settlers of the American West would put a silver dollar in a jug of milk to keep it fresh. The pioneers that crossed the great plains in Conestoga Wagons had to carry their own water in wooden barrels, and each of those barrels had a silver dollar in it to keep the water fresh and safe. 

Did you ever wonder why silverware was made from silver? One of the properties of silver is that it kills bacteria on contact in six minutes or less.(7)  It may be that gold and silver were first used as valued money because of their medical properties, their rarity, and the fact that no one ever seemed to get sick from handling the coins made from them.

Dr. Robert O. Becker, "The Body Electric," recognized a correlation between low silver levels and sickness. He said
silver deficiency was responsible for the improper functioning of the immune system. Dr. Becker's experiments conclude that silver works on the full spectrum of pathogens without any side effects or damage to the body. He also states that silver does more than kill disease-causing organisms.

It also causes major growth stimulation of injured tissues. Burn patients and even elderly patients notice more rapid
healing. All strains of pathogens resistant to other antibiotics are killed by silver.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal Silver is the result of an electro-magnetic process that pulls microscopic particles from a larger piece of silver
into a liquid, such as water.(8) These microscopic particles can more easily penetrate and travel throughout the body.

Colloidal Silver works as a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that all one celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their
oxygen metabolism. In short, the bad guys suffocate. Unlike with antibiotics, resistant strains have never been known to
develop a resistance to silver.

In fact, antibiotics are only effective against perhaps a dozen forms of bacteria and fungi, but never viruses. Because
no known disease-causing organism can live in the presence of even minute traces of the chemical element of metallic silver, Colloidal Silver is effective against more than 650 different disease-causing pathogens.(9)

Since there is not enough room to list all the diseases against which Colloidal Silver has been used successfully, here is a
tiny sample: acne, allergies, appendicitis, arthritis, blood parasites, bubonic plague, burns (colloidal silver is one of
the few treatments that can keep severe burn patients alive), cancer,(10) cholera, conjunctivitis, diabetes, gonorrhea, hay fever, herpes, leprosy, leukemia, lupus, lymphangitis, Lyme disease, malaria, meningitis, parasitic infections both viral and fungal, pneumonia, rheumatism, ringworm, scarlet fever, septic conditions of the eyes, ears, mouth and throat, shingles, skin cancer, staph infections, strep infections, syphilis, toxemia, trenchfoot, all forms of viruses, warts and stomach ulcer.

Additionally, it also has veterinary uses, such as for canine parvo virus, and gum and tooth infections. You'll also find Colloidal Silver very handy in the garden since it can be used against bacterial, fungal and viral attacks on plants.
Simply spray diluted Colloidal Silver on the leaves, and add to soil water.

It would appear highly unlikely that even germ warfare agents could survive an encounter with Colloidal Silver, since viruses like E Bola and Hanta, or even the dreaded "flesh-eating bacteria" are, in the end, merely hapless viruses and bacteria. To top it off, Colloidal Silver is virtually non-toxic, making it safe for both children and adults, as well as pets if used properly. In short, anything bigger than a one-cell animal seems to like it. (11,12)

Nor does one have to worry about that FDA (Food and Drug Administration) fox being put in charge of this home remedy hen house. Colloidal Silver is a pre-1938 healing modality, making it exempt from FDA jurisdiction under the grandfather clause.

So why haven't you heard of it?

I suspect the user friendly economics of Colloidal Silver may have something to do with its low profile in the media. Colloidal Silver can't help but shine a spotlight on the expensive and deadly nature of our pharmaceutical industries, who are bigger than the Pentagon economically.

For example, the pharmaceutical cartel's relentless promotion of dangerous vaccines for humans and animals through government programs have now been linked to everything from increasing crib deaths in infants (who in many documented cases scream for hours before dying), to the increasingly common disease, feline leukemia, in house cats. Colloidal Silver, on the other hand, is a safe, time proven, and reliable alternative to expensive pharmaceuticals.

It is true that consuming large amounts (more than 2 or 3 Tablespoons a day for years) may kill some friendly bacteria in your intestines. If taking LARGE amounts, you should supplement your diet with yogurt or acidophilus, or compensate for possible bacteria loss in some other way.

This is not, however, a serious problem, and unlike antibiotics, Colloidal Silver does not weaken the body's immune system. In fact, it is said to give the body a second immune system, creating a shield against disease of all kinds.

A good quality Colloidal Silver can be diluted as much as 8 to 1 and still be highly effective. An average adult maintenance dose might be a tablespoons of 20 PPM concentrate mixed in an eight-ounce glass of water, once or twice a day (2 Tablespoons straight, 3 times a day when ill, or you feel a cold or flu coming on). However, there would appear to be a great deal of leeway here, since no toxic dose is known. However, one must be aware of the fact that too much CS (several OUNCES a day over a sustained period of time) can cause a condition know as argyria, which is a result of the silver reacting with light the same way it does in photography. So much silver is ingested that it collects in the skin and and does not dissipate. If you over due it with colloidal silver (or anything else, for that matter) you’ll find yourself blue for life. It’s not a life threatening, nor reversible condition, and it will certainly ruin your chances of finding someone on eHarmony (life is hard enough being white these days, I can’t imagine what it would be like going through life blue).

The term colloid (KOL' OID) refers to a substance that consists of ultra-fine particles that are suspended in a medium of different matter (i,e. a non-soluble mineral suspended in water). The particles in a colloid are typically 0.01 to 0.001 of a micron in diameter, or about four hundred thousandths to four millionths of an inch. Approximately one billion of these particles could fit into a cube four one hundredths of an inch in size.
One indicator of the quality of colloidal silver is its color. As the size of each silver particle gets larger, the color of the suspension ranges from pale yellow (best) to brown, to red, to gray, to black (inferior). The increasing size of the particles also reflects a proportionate decrease in quality of the product. Colloids of silver that are produced using the electro-colloidal method are a different color than the inferior grind or chemical method forms of colloidal silver. That rule generally applies, except in the case of some brands that use an artificial yellow dye to falsify the proper color. Color variance also depends on concentration, stabilizers, and the presence of other trace elements that will be present if distilled water is not used.

Sadly, some Colloidal Silvers currently on the market have as little as 1 part per million (ppm) and sell for as much as
$60.00 for eight ounces. However, you can construct your own generator, or purchase a generator, and produce all the colloidal silver you’ll ever need for only a few cents a bottle, plus the price of distilled water! 

Basically, a colloidal silver generator is created by passing low voltage through two .999+ pure silver wires (electrodes) suspended in distilled water. Nano silver particles are sintered from the wire and suspended in the distilled water by their positive electric charge. A simple $15 TDS meter (mandatory) from ebay will let you know when you’ve reached 20 PPM (parts per million). The colloidal silver is then strained through a paper coffee filter into an amber, cobalt blue, or dark GLASS bottle (or clear bottle, if that’s all you have, in a dark, sealed paper bag) and stored in a cool, dark place (not the fridge). 20 PPM should be your goal. More is unnecessary, and less isn’t as effective. Lukewarm water is best, not cold. Please use a TDS meter, as you want your CS as consistent as possible.

To ensure you’re producing the highest quality (20 PPM, nano sized) colloidal silver, follow these simple rules:

    • Do NOT use silver alloys, such as sterling, or coin silver. Only .999 or .9999 fine silver wire must be used.
    • Do NOT use tap water, bottled water, or any water but distilled water (any supermarket, by the gallon).
    • Do NOT add SALT, or anything else to the water. You will change the solution from CS to something else (*bad).
    • Do NOT use a high amperage, high voltage electrical source. The lower the amperage (at, or below 300 mA, and                     
       30 volts) the better. It will take longer, but the particles will be smaller (nano) and the solution will be of a             
       much higher quality. (Making a quart at a time with the Scandia RSG-3 on its lowest setting takes about  5 or 6
       hours to reach the pale yellow, 20PPM stage). For what it’s worth, a cloudiness in the water usually indicates larger
       silver particles. You should NOT be able to see the colloids forming. The water will just begin to turn a pale yellow
       color. A lot of what you see on Youtube and elsewhere is misinformation, so take it with a grain of salt.

Colloidal Silver Generators:

Scanda RSG-3 -  (excellent)
Silver Puppy                                        Google Search                         Another
Colloid Master                                     Silvonic                                      YouTube Videos
Yikes!                                                   SilverGen                                  The Kit
Amazon                                               Amazon II                                  Amazon III

If having a proven, renewable, inexpensive and effective antibiotic and topical germicidal solution on hand when the drug stores are gone makes sense to you for the well being of you and yours, a colloidal silver generator should be in your future. If you have one that runs on, or can be rigged, to run on batteries, all you need is rechargeables (27 to 30 volts in series) anda solar charger to keep going if the grid goes down. Hell, you could become the village Doctor with one of these.

* Please Pass The Salt
Regardless of what anyone has said to the contrary, silver chloride will ALWAYS form if any amount of salt is present. Never add anything to the water that will make the water conduct electricity better. Never add salt, sea salt, or Celtic sea salt, or anything else to the distilled water because the salt puts chloride ions in the water that react with the silver to form silver chloride. Another serious problem arises when making colloidal silver with salt in the water. The presence of salt increases the electrical conductivity of the water and this dramatically speeds up the reaction. As the reaction speeds up under these circumstances, it produces larger particles. The product produced is invariably CLOUDY WHITE in appearance. Actual electron microscope photographs of this material show silver particles in the range of .05 to .15 microns. These particles are TOO LARGE to form a colloidal suspension, and the proof is that the material will settle to the bottom of the container in a very short period of time. Therefore, this home brewed "colloidal silver" product may be dangerous to consume internally for TWO reasons: the presence of silver chloride and the production of large particles.


1. "Medical malpractice alone kills an estimated 45,000 people annually (in the U.S.), making it the leading cause of accidental injury and death." -- Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD

2. As many as 14,000 people die in Australian hospitals every year through preventable mistakes, ranging from misdiagnosis to being given the wrong drugs. This makes hospitals the third largest killer in Australia after heart disease and cancer. For those who survive, between 25,000 and 30,000 patients are left with a serious and permanent disability as a result of such mistakes. - The Sydney Morning Herald, 6/2/95 and the New Scientist, 6/10/95.

3. Using statistics from the 1984 Harvard study, the National Safety Council and other sources, the Campaign to Protect Consumer Rights says that more people die in the U.S. from medical negligence than any other accidental cause. If these statistics are valid, medical errors kill more people each year than automobiles, falls, drownings, fires, choking, guns and poisons combined.

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10. Dr. Bjorn Nordstrom, of the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, has used Silver in his cancer cure method for many years. He says the whole thing is quite simple. This brought rapid remission in patients given up by other doctors. -- "Silver, Our Mightiest Germ Fighter" Science Digest, March, 1978.

11. Metallic Silver (Colloid) is non-toxic, however, silver nitrate and other compounds of silver are and should not be ingested. --Dr. Bob Beck

12. Environmental Protection Agency's Poison Control Center reports no toxicity listing for Colloidal Silver, considering it harmless in any concentration.

13. The FDA has stated that because Colloidal Silver is (by fifty years) a pre-1938 drug, it may continue to be marketed. Sept. 13, 1991, letter received from consumer safety officer Harold Davis, U.S., Food and Drug Administration. Moreover, the FDA has no jurisdiction regarding a pure, mineral element.

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