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Resilience is a word that describes the ability of a community or family to successfully meet challenges. A resilient neighborhood, town, or village is a better and safer place to live. If a major disaster hits your area, or the nation, you will have to work together with your neighbors, friends and family to increase the safety, security, and well being of your community. 

Pool resources. Plan what you will do during an emergency situation. Past experience in disasters says that trusting relationships that begin before a disaster endure through the event and help people to face grave challenges successfully. That history also teaches us that a disaster is a hard time to establish such relationships, so NOW is the time to get to know your neighbors and formulate a response to possible problems that may put you all between the proverbial, rock and hard place.

If something like the power grid going down ever happens,  it will be followed by an unstoppable and irreversible chain of events: NO Power means; NO water, NO food distribution, NO fuel, NO mobility, NO ATM’s, NO Banks, NO debit card or credit card transactions, NO government checks, and NO law and order, which means, NO protection by the authorities, arson fires, full scale looting, murder and mayhem. Supermarkets, pharmacy’s and gun shops will be stripped clean in six hours or less. Martial law and the confiscation of firearms will be inevitable. Many of the law abiding will submit to the will of the jack booted thugs sent out to intimidate them, leaving themselves exposed and defenseless.

As the comfort level in the cities rapidly drops to zero, there will be a massive outpouring from the big cities and suburbs into the hinterlands. You take your average urbanite or suburbanite and get him excessively cold, wet, tired, hungry and/or thirsty and take away his television, beer, drugs, and other pacifiers, and you will soon see the savage within... The thin veil, masquerading as civilization will disintegrate in a heartbeat. The Sheeple will be doomed, waiting in vain, for the help that will never come. There will remain only the strong... and the stronger.

Put yourself in the mind set of Mr. Joe Sixpack, Suburbanite. (Visualize him in or near a big city near where you live.) He is unprepared. He has only a few days food on hand, he has a 12 gauge pump action shotgun that he hasn’t fired in years, and just half a tank of gas in his minivan and maybe a gallon or two in a can that he keeps on hand for his lawn mower. Then disaster strikes. The power grid is down, his job is history, the toilet doesn’t flush, and water no longer magically comes cascading from the tap. There are riots in the streets. The local service stations can’t pump gas. The banks have closed. Now he is suddenly desperate. No available resources, and nothing to buy them with if they were. Where will he go? What will he do? 

Odds are, Joe will think: “I’ve got to go find a vacation cabin somewhere, up in the mountains.” Or, “I’ve got to go to where they grow food.” So anyplace that can be construed as rural or agricultural will similarly get overrun. There will be so many desperate Joe Sixpacks arriving all at once that these areas will degenerate into free-fire zones. It will be an intensely ugly situation and will not be safe for anyone. In some places the locals may be so vastly outnumbered that they won’t survive. But some of the Joe Sixpacks will survive, and then the more ruthless among them will begin to fight amongst themselves for the few remaining resources. They will form ad hoc gangs of perhaps 6 to 30 people. 

Once the Horde has been thinned (and honed to ferocity) and they’ve cleaned out an area, these thugs at the pinnacle of ruthlessness will comprise the most formidable rover packs imaginable. They will move on to an adjoining region, and then another. But the inverse square law will work in your favor.  The rover packs will attenuate themselves into a huge rural expanse that is peopled with well-armed country folk. By the time the 
looters work their way out 150 miles from the big cities, they will be thinned out considerably. 

The rover pack is your primary threat in a total collapse, no matter how remote you think you may be. 

Here are your potential adversaries: A squad to company size force (12 to 60 individuals), highly mobile, well armed with a motley assortment of weapons and vehicles, many with excellent military training, and all imbued with absolute ruthlessness. If they head your way, I sincerely hope you’ve made a few friends who will lend a hand, because without cooperation, your neighborhood, village or town, could very well cease to exist.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst... The responsibility for your personal safety, and the safety of those you love, is, always has been, and always will be, yours, and yours alone...
Love Thy Neighbor (or at least get to know him better)...