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Planning involves no out-of-pocket expense. Thinking, at least for the moment, is still free and permissible in this country. Decide now what your family will do during emergencies. If people aren’t at home, or can’t get home, where should the family gather? If you have to evacuate, where would you go? 

Prepare a small shoulder bag or backpack “evacuation kits” for each family member. Pack them with a 3 day supply of food, at least 2 bottles of water, water purification or water filter,  potassium iodide tabs, snacks, 2 space blankets and/or a wool blanket, a whistle, several large 3 mil. trash bags, an LED flashlight, spare batteries, 3”+ folding knife or multi-tool,  fixed blade knife, bandana,  first-aid kit, spare prescription or reading glasses, face mask, candles, matches & Fire Steel or Spark Light, tinder, fire lighters, tissue packs, 50 to 100 feet of 550 paracord, pencil and pad, tube tent, work gloves, sewing kit, stainless steel cup/pot, a folding stove and fuel, hard candy, 3 each tea, hot chocolate and raman noodles, 12 bouillon cubes or packets, sunglasses or tinted safety glasses, 50 to 100 rounds of ammunition for this person’s firearm, whether or not it’s in the kit, map, spare keys, small folding trowel or shovel, several ziplock freezer bags, needed prescription drugs, small wind up powered radio with cell phone charger, brimmed cap, rain jacket or poncho, wool cap and sweater, dry socks, simple change of clothes, 3 chemical hand warmers, 3 light sticks, small roll of duct tape, addresses, phone numbers, paper copies of drivers license, CCW license, etc. $100 cash in small bills, silver coins,  instructions for being caught away from home and family, instructions for using what’s in the kit, and other items that would be useful if you have to evacuate, hunker down at work or school, or make it home under adverse conditions. 

Make sure you have paper copies of all your vital documents, including birth and naturalization certificates, bank statements, passports, deeds, social security cards, etc. If civil disorder threatens the area, it is usually best to stay home, avoid crowds and public gatherings, and become as invisible as possible. If the disaster is large and widespread, it may be days or weeks before help arrives, if ever. Don’t wait for someone to come “help” you. It will be your responsibility to help and protect yourself, and those you love. 

When friends and family come knocking on your door because they know you have planned for an emergency, I’m sure you will help them with what you can spare, or take them in for a short period of time. Unfortunately, if the emergency lasts more than a week or so, there may be people you don’t know, out looting or taking by force the things they need or want. When asked about being prepared, there are more than a few individuals who will tell you that they don’t have to prepare. They will simply take by force what they need, when they need it, from those who have it. This “what’s yours is mine” mentality is a real and potentially lethal mindset that you must be prepared to deal with, or all your planning will be for naught. The safety of your family is the reason you started, let it be the reason for being willing and able to defend them. 9-1-1 will be a perpetual busy signal. If you think for a single moment, that in an emergency the Police will be able, or willing to protect you, you’re in for a rude and possibly deadly surprise. Police don’t spend a lot of time preventing crime, or protecting individuals. Their job, according to the Supreme Court, is to protect the citizenry in general. That means they show up to arrest the perpetrator(s) AFTER the crime has been committed. They will be overwhelmed very quickly. Most, if not all, will decide that protecting their own family is more important that protecting yours, and rightly so... Too little, too late. 

Protecting yourself, your home and your family is a God given, Constitutionally affirmed right in this Nation. If you check the statistics, you’ll find that the mere presence of a firearm is usually enough to defuse most violent encounters (2.5 Million times a year, WITHOUT a disaster). Having a firearm doesn’t mean you have to use it, it just means you can if you have to (but, you had better know how).  I am not advocating an armed camp, I am simply advocating acquiring and learning to use, a .22 rifle, a deer rifle, a handgun, or a shotgun for every member of your family in defense of you and yours. 

Civilization as we know it, is the thinnest of veneers. It is precariously balanced on a razor edge. It will take very little (hunger, greed, lust), for a large percentage of the unprepared, uneducated population to slide off that edge on the wrong side. Murder and mayhem, for the most part, are held in check by the threat of prosecution and incarceration, not by the morals of our “civilized” society. When that threat begins to diminish, or is perceived to no longer exist, the beast will be loose, and the road that lies ahead, will be bumpy indeed. 

Should you think me a tad too paranoid, stop into a local bar some weekday afternoon, have a beer, start a conversation with anyone there, and ask them if they’re prepared for the collapse of civilization... Your next stop will be the local gun shop. 

Firearms are merely tools. You, your spouse and your children use tools of every description, every day. Take the time to have them trained, as to how and when to safely use this tool. You will all sleep more securely for the effort. It is better to have a gun and not need it, then to need a gun and not have it. Remember, when seconds count, the Police are only minutes away.  Make these tools, ammunition, cleaning supplies and training part of your preparedness plans.  
Have You Got Contingency Plans ?