Dynamic Force Institute is proud to announce our newly formed association with Redcon.  DFI training will be offered at their facility by our Master Instructor for small groups, or one-on-one.  Scenario based laser training offers the opportunity to react to real life situations in real time. If you’re serious about your training, working with a professional in a simulator is the best way to learn from your mistakes, sharpen your skills, and improve your survivability. Please call me for additional information and pricing.


Virtual ranges use the latest technology to provide you with the best shooting experience. 

Virtual ranges have a variety of different targets to shoot at and multiple shooters can occupy the shooting line at the same time.

Virtual environments in the following areas are available: 

  1. IPSC Shooting Courses

  2. Timed  Pistol Target Courses

  3. Rifle Courses

  4. Pistol Qualification Courses

  5. Shotgun Courses

  6. Defensive Handgun Courses

  7. Concealed Carry Courses

  8. We also offer shooting games that are created for young shooters from the ages 9 to 16. This is a great experience for parents and their children to enjoy together.

We provide expert level training to anyone who is interested in learning to shoot for the first time or for any experienced shooter who wants to improve their marksmanship skills.


Marksmanship training involves one-on-one instructor interaction. Instructors are NRA/DFI/DHS certified trainers and focus on increasing the marksmanship and response skills for each shooter.

This training process focuses on the following areas:

  1. Steady Position Obtainment

  2. Correct Aiming Posture (sight picture & alignment)

  3. CQB Point Shooting Techniques

  4. Breath Control Discipline

  5. Proper Trigger Press

  6. Controlled Stress

  7. Engagement Focus 


We provide scenario based training that increases your reaction capability with rapid target engagements. This involves you being immersed within a video simulation that is projected on a 150" screen. Surround sound effects contribute to the experience and your judgment skills will be tested.

    Concealed Carry Focused

Our DFI First Steps+Defensive Handgun plus simulator will provide you with training that covers the legal responsibilities of using lethal force. We will prepare you with dozens of scenario-based situations that will give you the opportunity to test your ability to defend yourself and those under your protection.

   Training System Portability 

REDCON and DFI Instructors also provide corporate training for security professionals and management, including DHS/DFI Active Shooter Training for both clients and Law Enforcement.

REDCON has simulation packages that are brought to your work site and gives the flexibility for employees to increase their threat response capabilities without having to leave their place of employment.

REDCON • 125 Welles Street • Forty Fort, PA 18704 • 570.338.2878/2861


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