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Practicing to reinforce

what you’ve learned.

Supervised Range Time

Range time is available by the hour, utilizing your firearm(s) and ammunition. 100 rounds minimum is recommended for a one hour handgun session. Targets will be provided, as will additional training should you require reinforcement of previously learned techniques, including presentation from your holster, or chosen method of carry. A question and answer session following your range session is included at no additional charge.

Any firearm in our inventory may be rented, with sufficient ammunition provided for a reasonable live fire evaluation. Should you have the correct ammunition for any of our firearms you’ve chosen to test, you may fire as much as you wish (the gun will have to be cleaned and serviced, whether one, or one hundred rounds are fired through it).

• Supervised Range Time Hourly Rate ~ $35.00

Additional consecutive hours ~ $25.00 per hour.

• Firearm Rental/Tryout ~ $18.00 per firearm. 15 rounds of ammunition included.

Live Fire Range Time

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