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Thank you for choosing, or considering DFI for your

training. If you wish, you can review previous student's

thoughts on the classes they've taken here.

This is how we work... If you call and ask for a date

(weekdays and weekends are both fine), and if it's

available, we will schedule it for you. It will then be

on the calendar as a scheduled class (maximum

students per class is four).  If someone calls before

your class date, they will be made aware of it. If they

need a different date for any reason, we'll schedule

that as well, if we can.  If you are the only one

requesting a particular date, then the class will be


We understand that people have busy lives and

inflexible schedules, and we make an effort to

accommodate those schedules whenever possible.

Should you decide to schedule a class with us after

calling for date availability, all I need from you is an

email with your name exactly as you wish it to appear

on your Completion Certificate, and a contact phone

number. I will then confirm the class and date for you

via email, and include additional information on the

class, as well as complete directions on how to find us. 

Refreshments and snacks will be provided, however you are welcome to bring along anything you wish in the way of food, or non-alcoholic drinks.  Please wear/bring appropriate clothing for an hour or so outdoors on the range. The classroom and private range are located here on our twenty nine acres in Hunlock Creek.

A number of styles and calibers of handguns and ammunition will be provided for your training. Please bring your personal firearm(s), if any, and at least 50 rounds of appropriate ammunition, as well as eye and ear protection if you have them (if not, they too, will be provided). 

If you have not yet purchased a firearm, or are considering purchasing another one, I would urge you to wait until you've completed the course, if you can. Our training will offer you a much better understanding of what type and caliber of handgun will suit you and your needs best.

Please feel free to call me at your convenience if you would like to reserve a date, have any questions, or need help of any kind. The number is listed in the contact information link.

Again, thank you for choosing, or considering DFI. We very much appreciate your time and interest.