The cost effectiveness and versatility of caliber matching a handgun and long gun.

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This course is 5+ hours long and includes classroom and live fire training. Students will learn to handle and fire PC Carbines at various ranges. Students learn the rules for safe gun handling; firearm parts and operation; clearing malfunctions; shooting fundamentals; range rules; cleaning and maintenance; home/self defense engagement techniques; slings and carry methods; the pros and cons of various action types; PC Carbine accessories and their usefulness; appropriate caliber selection; close quarter combat techniques; matching your handgun and PC Carbine; lights and lasers; advantages/disadvantages versus a handgun/shotgun; choosing the appropriate and correct Pistol Caliber Carbine, and sub-caliber conversions or substitutions for training.

Prerequisites: Students must be a graduate of NRA Pistol, PPIH or, DFI First Steps + Defensive Handgun™.

Students will receive the DFI Course materials, as well as additional information specific to Pistol Caliber Carbines, Student DVD, and DFI Course Completion Certificate.  Firearms and ammunition, as well as refreshments will be provided. You may bring additional appropriate caliber ammunition to extend your live fire training if you wish. Please call.


This PCC Course focuses on the

versatility of using a smaller,

lighter and less expensive long

gun in place of a traditional rifle

in the role of home protection and self

defense. Ammunition and in certain

circumstances, magazines can be shared

with a handgun. The common sense,

cost effectiveness, and versatility

of caliber matching a low recoil

long gun and a handgun, together

with the ability to extend the

effective range of Pistol Caliber

ammunition to 100+ meters, should

never be underestimated or

dismissed as a viable self defense option.