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Need A Sign For Your Business?

Simply drag the image you wish to use to your desktop, or right click and ‘save as,’ and print it out. Trim it to size and your ready to go. Matt or glossy photo paper will give you the absolute best image quality.

If you prefer that armed, law abiding citizens not enter your establishment, here’s a sign for you.

It really doesn’t matter what the No Guns/Weapons sign actually says, they ALL mean this...

If you choose this sign, or anything like it, expect to see these to start showing up...

Business and property owners have a RIGHT to set policies that conform with their beliefs, desires and wishes.

You have the same right to respectfully let them know you don’t care for their policies, and will take your business elsewhere.

Please do NOT give the rest of us a bad name, or show us in an unflattering light by being rude or belligerent. Simply tell them you will be taking your business elsewhere due to their lack of respect for your Constitutional Rights.

Don’t make a speech, and don’t get into an argument. Make your statement, preferably with a smile on your face, give them a card if you have one, and leave.

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