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The plans for my Folding Target Stand are on the Student DVD which was  provided in your student packet when you attended class. It is a PDF file which you can print out and take to the store with you, as it contains a complete list of everything you’ll need to buy.

My stand is sized to fit easily in the smallest car trunk, is very light in weight, and will accommodate both IPSC, and IDPA cardboard targets stapled, clipped, or taped to two simple wood supports.

The stand is constructed of PVC pipe and connectors, and all parts are press fit, as opposed to glued together. This press fitting allows the uprights to be folded flat for transport or storage. Should a portion of it become damaged due to an errant shot, it’s a simple matter to replace that one damaged section quickly and easily.

You should be able to cut the necessary pieces, and assemble a stand (or two, or three) in less than an hour.

If you don’t have the skills, tools, or time to build one yourself, call me. I always have a few on hand for sale to students who would rather purchase than build.

When on the range, please remember to shoot only into a safe and secure backstop.

Be aware of you target, and what lies beyond (every round you fire will have a Lawyer attached to it). Be sure to always practice the safe gun handling rules you’ve been taught.

My Folding Target Stand

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