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Nothing presented on this website is offered as legal advice, nor should it be construed as such. It is however, offered to acquaint you with the more important factors that are involved in the use of deadly force, and why you need to consult with your Attorney and a Certified Instructor, for advice and training on this issue BEFORE you find yourself in an encounter, much less court.  Ignorance of the law, especially when it comes to using lethal force, is not a defense... Anywhere... Ever.

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Should you ever need an Attorney for a firearm related incident, you’ll need one who is competent and qualified.


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recently joined the list of over two dozen states with laws authorizing the use of force, including deadly force, to protect oneself or others in the home from threats of force or bodily injury. These laws are generally referred to as the “Castle Doctrine,” and were enacted to prevent criminals from recovering from you for your justifiable use of force. The law can be employed as a defense in either the civil or criminal context when a person is sued or prosecuted for their use of force.

In Pennsylvania the legal justification extends to the use of force in occupied vehicles, dwellings, and certain other places where the Individual has a right to be, which is commonly known as a “stand-your-ground” law.

It is important to know that these laws do have certain requirements and exceptions. Simply because these laws are on the books doesn’t mean you or a loved one will be immune from civil liability or criminal prosecution after using force against an attacker. As the Castle Doctrine or “stand-your-ground” laws are used as a legal defense or justification, it is essential for legal counsel to appreciate and understand the nuances of the law.

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